Pgian Enterprise Resource Planning

User frendly ERP solution for small business company

Integrated solution of CMS & ERP

The Pgian is a solution integrated of CMS & ERP. We suggest this system for small business company. These company C level peoples require to manage their jobs which is to manage purchase, sales, financial process on mobile. Therefore, We혻release a new system which is혻a solution integrated of CMS & ERP... Pgian CMS&ERP system. Try it...


Your website structure is logical. Managing elements such as pages, articles or medias is easily done by drag'n'drop!


You can create as much languages as you need for your website. Every content can be translated : posts, static elements in templates, media data, etc.

Easy edition

Copy / paste content from any word processing software. Inline links are automatically converted to hyperlinks. Emails are safely encoded to avoid spam.

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